Strategic Business and Operations Framework

The Strategic Business and Operations Framework is a philosophy, a decision-making model and a business culture. It graphically represents how Georgia Tech will work towards achieving the goals of the Institute and the “relentless pursuit of institutional effectiveness” (Strategic Plan – Goal 5). The framework is comprised of three elements:

  • The core values and guiding principles for which business will be conducted at Georgia Tech form the nucleus of the model. The core values, which are identified and communicated in the Institute’s Strategic Vision and Plan, are located in the center of this model, with the guiding principles represented as nodes surrounding the core values. Together, the core values and guiding principles illustrate and influence an aspirational culture.

  • The life-cycle process for initiating change (e.g., projects, policies, practices, etc.) encircles and is influenced by the elements in the nucleus. It is comprised of the following steps: 1) Strategize, 2) Engage, 3) Plan, 4) Execute, 5) Review and Learn, and 6) Enhance. The bi-directional arrows indicate that the life-cycle process is iterative and depending on the circumstances, an earlier step in the process may be revisited.

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